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Datapath Design with CellMath Products and Services

Design teams use CellMath Designer™ datapath synthesis to reduce area, improve performance and lower power consumption for datapath-intensive design blocks. Using CellMath IP™, CellMath Designer combines advanced synthesis techniques with datapath architectures to reduce circuit area and power and for circuit speeds unachievable through other means. CellMath Designer works in conjunction with general logic synthesis products and utilizes existing register-transfer level (RTL) code, synthesis scripts and technology libraries to allow designers to quickly improve results. Our datapath design and consulting services group, CellMath™ Services, is trusted by major companies worldwide to deliver customized solutions--affordably and on time. Customers benefit from CellMath software, IP, and consulting services to optimize their IC designs used in 3D graphics, imaging, multimedia, wireline and wireless communications, and consumer and high-performance computing products.

Cynthesizer supports both control- and datapath-intensive designs from a single SystemC source without proprietary language extensions. For datapath designs, Forte's patented DpOpt technology will be enhanced with CellMath Designer and IP. Designers can designate specific portions of their design to be synthesized as custom datapath components through the datapath synthesizer. In addition, Cynthesizer can import custom parts built with CellMath Designer, automatically recognize patterns and find other opportunities to build additional custom parts. The creation and use of these datapath parts allows Cynthesizer to produce smaller, faster RTL designs.

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